jeudi 16 juillet 2020
ACCUEIL / L’actu / Interview with Eneko Knorr, CEO & Founder – Ludei

Interview with Eneko Knorr, CEO & Founder – Ludei

Martin: Hi, today we are in San Francisco with Ludei. Eneko, who are you and what do you do?

Eneko: Hi, how’s it going?

Martin: Good.

Eneko: So, our company, it’s a platform for developers, specifically for HTML 5, JavaScript, and app developers.

Martin: Ok, great. And how did you come up with this idea and what type of other companies did you start before?

Eneko: I started a web hosting company back in Spain like 10 years ago. This company was acquired by Telefonica. And then I started different companies, so one of them was Ludei, in the beginning Ludei was game studio, and we were looking for a solution for cross-platform development. We were looking for a way to code once and have a game running everywhere. And it was like 4 years ago that we started using HTML 5 or messing around with HTML 5 to see if it was an actual feasible technology to use for games. And we were facing different problems, we solved all of them, and we manage HTML 5 to run really fast on every device, and that’s when we decided to become a platform, in sense of our games to the technology company, to sell this technology through this platform to other developers. And we also open this technology to every app developer, not only game developers. So, Ludei is a platform for every app developer, we make their lives easier, we make their apps run faster without any problem on every device.

Martin: And how’s the revenue model working?

Eneko: So, it’s software as a service model. So developers they come to our platform, everything is web-based, really scalable, they sign up for, they choose their plan and they pay, or they have our free plan, or they pay depending on the different features that they want, and we also make money by publishing different apps. When we find an app or a game that could be successful, we partner with the developer and then we share their revenue.

Martin: Ok, great. And if you segment your customers, by size for example or maybe region, what percentage is, for example, in terms of production and developer studios, or single developers, and maybe even in countries?

Eneko: Our developers, now we have more than 40 thousand, they are from all over the world, so a big parties they Lire la suite