dimanche 12 juillet 2020
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Work smarter, not harder: 6 tips from Clientfield

Working smarter achieves a much better result than working harder.

No one knows it better than entrepreneurs who handle multiple tasks in order to achieve business goals.

It is less about the hours spent on working on a project and more about the quality of work that you do.

If you are looking for tips to streamline your work habits, try the 6 strategies below.


1-   Offer value

Deliver the kind of value your target market is willing to pay for. By simply focusing on value, you automatically generate leads and acquire new customers to increase profitability.


2-   Commit to learning and plan

Continuous learning helps you stay current in your field of business and introduces you to new ways of thinking about what you do. Strategic planning gives you a clear understanding of your goals, how you want to expand your business and the necessary strategies for achieving your aim.

Where is your business now? Where do you want to take it? What do you need to get there?


3-   Focus on what matters

This tip helps reduce stress level and anxiety at work.

Banish procrastination and focus on the tasks that are crucial to your work performance and your company’s success.

The right productivity tools for your business type can help you get the job done, well done.


4-   Find the right work-life balance

It takes passion, dedication and discipline to build a business. But, it is important not to find yourself working towards destroying your health, family and relationships. Everyone needs down time and non-work activities to stay balanced, keep a healthy mind and body to stay productive. Have some fun.


5-    Surround yourself with people who can help

It is common sense that we cannot do everything ourselves , we all have strengths and weaknesses. Do you know yours?

If the answer is yes, build a team of people who are smarter than you are in key areas and focus on establishing a positive work culture with them.  Resist the need to work with or hire inexpensive applicants or unqualified family members.

If your team lacks the capabilities to get the job done , outsource.


6-   Outsource strategically

Try not to fall into the trap of stagnation by having everything done in-house including what is outside the range of expertise of your team.

It is more helpful to give up some control to access the skills needed to strengthen your business than to keep wearing the badge of honour for the hardest working person on earth and stagnate.




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